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Annual Conference

February 20-22, 2025

Join 350 driver educators, driving schools, and leaders in driver education at our annual conference. Learn about new products, services and organizations that are dedicated to keeping our nation's drivers safe.

The location will be announced during the Regional Board Meeting, at the ADTSEA Conference in July, 2024. If there are any topics you would like presented or speakers you would like to see at our conference, please contact us. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated and welcomed!

Conference Event
Conference Speakers


One of the most important aspects of our conference program is our speakers. Each year our executive board is tasked with finding dynamic speakers that not only give us interesting information but also tools we can use to enhance our driver ed programs. It is a real joy that our speakers volunteer their time and speak to our conference at no cost keeping our registration fees low for our teachers. If you are interested in becoming a speaker, please send us an email today.

Conference Sponsors


Without our sponsors we would have a hard time putting on our annual conference. Sponsorship levels start at $1,000 with additional opportunities available. Gain great exposure for your business, sponsor the conference today!

Sponsorship Levels + Opportunities
Conference Exhibitors


The exhibit hall will be opened for entire time during conference. As an exhibitor, you get a 10' x 10' booth space (with table, chairs, and electricity), three exhibitor badges, and an attendee list (both before and after the event).

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AAA ADED - Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists Donate Life Driveato Driver Training Products Drive Smart Virgina DriverZ Driving School Software Foundation for a Drug-Free World Duo Brake Karching Medidas Group Mitchell & Nemitz National Safety Council SADD ThinkFirst YOVASO Zutobi Driver Ed

Since 1970, the SERADTSEA has helped teachers achieve their greatest potential!
We accomplish this through professional development workshops, mentoring, sharing, creating, exploring, implementing, and collaborating to continuously offer students the most enhanced learning process.

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American Driver & Traffic Safety Education Association North Carolina Driver & Traffic Safety Education Association South Carolina Driver & Traffic Safety Education Association Virginia Association of Driver Education & Traffic Safety

Our History

The Southeast Region American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association (SERADTSEA) grew out of the Southern Safety Conference, an organized group of professionals promoting safety in 14 southern states in the late 1930's.

In 1957, The American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association (ADTSEA) was established. The ADTSEA constitution identified a southeast region of nine southern states and two territories.

In the late 1960's, ADTSEA members who regularly attended the Southern Safety Conference officially established the Southeast Region of ADTSEA (SERADTSEA). In 1971-72, Tom Love of Gainesville, Florida was elected President and a constitution was implemented for SERADTSEA. At the 1979 Southern Safety Conference, the membership voted unanimously to sever all ties with the Southern Safety Conference and to hold our own 1980 SERADTSEA Conference.

Past Presidents and Conferences

Year President Conference
2021-23 Darren Tessitore, FL Myrtle Beach, FL
2020-21 William Dulin, NC Myrtle Beach, FL
2019-20 Josh Turner, GA Pigeon Forge, TN
2018-19 Tom Marsh, TN Myrtle Beach, SC
2017-18 Harold Fleming, NC Myrtle Beach, SC
2016-17 Steve Phillips, SC Myrtle Beach, SC
2015-16 Greg Mangan, TN Myrtle Beach, SC
2014-15 Michael Keesee, FL Myrtle Beach, SC
2013-14 Rick DeVivi, VA Myrtle Beach, SC
2012-13 Mickey Tripp, NC Myrtle Beach, SC
2011-12 Steve Phillips, SC Myrtle Beach, SC
2010-11 Neda Ovsak, FL Myrtle Beach, SC
2009-10 Nada Icenogle, GA Myrtle Beach, SC
2008-09 Charles Lee, NC Myrtle Beach, SC
2007-08 Deb Ogden, FL Myrtle Beach, SC
2006-07 Joellen Suter, VA Myrtle Beach, SC
2005-06 Karl Logan, NC Myrtle Beach, SC
2004-05 Kal Kelliher, GA Myrtle Beach, SC
2003-04 Carol Hardin, VA Myrtle Beach, SC
2002-03 Ed Jones, FL Myrtle Beach, SC
2001-02 Ray Sparks, NC Myrtle Beach, SC
2000-01 James Johnson Myrtle Beach, SC
1999-00 James Brooks, MS Atlanta, GA
1998-99 Richard Stryker, FL Charlotte, NC
1997-98 Jane Preston, VA Myrtle Beach, SC
1996-97 David Donaldson, TN Atlanta, GA
1995-96 Maynard Bridges, NC Atlanta, GA
1994-95 Robyn Hagler, AL Atlanta, GA
1993-94 Fred Thomas, FL Orlando, FL
1992-93 George E. Tyson, VA Knoxville, TN
1991-92 Roy Turner, AL Atlanta, GA
1990-91 Thomas Walters, FL Atlanta, GA
1989-90 David U. Sahler, MS Atlanta, GA
1988-89 Wiley H. Elliot, NC Atlanta, GA
1987-88 Ross E. Tingle, MS Atlanta, GA
1986-87 Will K. Parnell, AL Atlanta, GA
1985-86 Dale E. Roe, VA Atlanta, GA
1984-85 Glenn Cantley, FL Atlanta, GA
1983-84 Joe Sabbadino, SC Atlanta, GA
1982-83 Karen H. Womack, MS Atlanta, GA
1981-82 Edward Kapushy, FL Atlanta, GA
1980-81 E. Edward Browning Atlanta, GA
1979-80 Frank Young, MS Atlanta, GA
1978-79 Bert Thompson, TN Nashville, TN
1977-78 Reed Brown, FL Atlanta, GA
1976-77 Charles McDaniel, NC Atlanta, GA
1975-76 Wyatt Tullos, MS Birmingham, AL
1974-75 Tom Love, FL Atlanta, GA
1973-74 Tom Love, FL Richmond, VA
1972-73 Tom Love, FL Atlanta, GA
1971-72 Tom Love, FL Jacksonville, FL
1970-71 Tom Love, FL Baton Rouge, LA


Bishop Seals Award

The Bishop Seals Award is dedicated to honor two of our past SERADTSEA leaders: Richard Bishop and Thomas Seals; both nationally known driver educators who did extensive work in traffic safety at Florida State University in Tallahassee.

The award is presented by the Executive Board when a member of the association has retired but continues to be active in the association; serving as an inspiration and a dedicated leader; both to the SERADTSEA and ADTSEA. The award was first presented in 1993 in Knoxville, TN to J.B. Angelo Crowe and Dave Sahler. Since then it has been awarded to many distinguished recipients.

Tom Love Award

The Thomas M. Love award is given to honor Tom Love, a leader and one of the founders of the SERADTSEA. Tom Love served as the first elected President of SERADTSEA for several years and he also served for many years as its Executive Secretary. He was an active leader and member of the association until his death in 1990.

This award is presented each year by the Executive Board to a deserving member who has taken an active role in SERADTSEA over the years.

Teacher of Excellence Award

The Teacher Excellence Award (TEA) is sponsored by SERADTSEA Board of Directors and honors outstanding driver and traffic safety educators.

This award is presented each year at the SERADTSEA Annual Conference.The recipient will represent SERADTSEA at the ADTSEA Annual Conference.

Nominees must be a current ADTSEA member and active in SERADTSEA or their ADTSEA-affiliated state association for the past three years.

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Board of Directors

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Kim Duelley


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Harold Fleming

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Tricia Carson-Myers

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